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One of the most common questions that attorneys ask me after going in for an interview is whether or not they should send a thank you letter. The resounding answer is "no." Before you ever send a thank you letter, please read this article.
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Our firm would be surprised not to get an email from a candidate after an interview; it's absence is a clear indication to us that s/he is not interested. OTOH, we don't expect a handwritten "thank you" as if it were for a wedding gift.

Perhaps, if the candidate is represented by a recruiter, the recruiter's follow up takes the place of an "I'm interested" email from the candidate.

I wonder if a recruiter would refrain from a post-interview contact based on your reasoning. I wouldn't think so.

Posted by: WR Leiden

It's "intents and purposes" not "intensive purposes."

Posted by: DL

I suppose you wanted to write something that distinguished yourself from all the recruiters who give good career advice. I think you succeeded!

As a former hiring partner for a large firm, I think the article is nonsense.
I will concede that if you can't write a letter without typos or misspellings, you probably should skip it. But otherwise, write the letter. The hiring process varies from firm to firm and even within the same firm, and often the thank you letter brought the letter writer back to front of mind and improved his or her chances.

Posted by: Pat

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