Marketing Your Law Firm Through Practice Groups

1. Choose a focus.
With limited resources both dollars and hours it is important to focus where the group will get the best return on its investment. The traditional marketing mix includes promotion, business development, and client care.

Typically, however, there is a tendency to over-emphasize promotion in practice group marketing plans. Instead, switch your focus to a weighted emphasis on:
  • Business development, including market research, targeting prospects, selling to clients and prospects, researching and developing new products and services, knowledge management, and face-to-face opportunities.
  • Client care, including client interviews, surveys, client service programs and initiatives, Client Relationship Management, and other feedback mechanisms.
2. Target clients.
Instead of a “shotgun” approach, employ strategic thinking by targeting specific prospective clients, matters, and industries. Steps would include:
  • Identification of appropriate prospects via market research.
  • Development of dossiers on each target client or industry.
  • Development and implementation of plans of approach.
  • Analysis of results.