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21 Reasons You Made the Smartest Choice Choosing BCG Attorney Search

ONE. We Have the Most Jobs of Any Legal Recruitment Firm in the World. We have over 50 staff and a substantial dedicated data center that uses $18,500 in power and bandwidth alone to find jobs from law firms each month. We have tens of thousands of active jobs. BCG Attorney Search is constantly addi....

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Small Law Firm Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewing for a small law firm position can be an exciting opportunity for any legal professional. While the interview process may differ from larger firms, small firms often ask specific and challenging questions to ensure they find the right candidate. This article will provide sample answers t....

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Most Common Large to Medium Law Firm Interview Questions

Interviewing for a large or medium law firm position can be an exciting opportunity for any legal professional. However, it can also be nerve-wracking, as law firms often ask specific and challenging questions during interviews. This article will provide sample answers to common interview questions ....

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Ten Interview Questions for Second Career Lawyers and Sample Responses

For attorneys pursuing second careers, transitioning to the legal profession can present unique challenges and opportunities. In addition to demonstrating their legal knowledge and expertise, these attorneys may need to show how their previous work experience and life skills are relevant to the lega....

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Most Common Law Firm Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Navigating the job market as an attorney can be a challenging process, especially when it comes to preparing for interviews at prestigious law firms. To help you put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 law firm interview questions a....

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5 Key Issues to Consider Before Starting a Law Firm Merger

The legal industry is constantly evolving, and firms must be proactive to remain competitive. A merger can be a great wa....

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Effective Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Minority Attorneys

Law firms and other legal employers are increasingly looking to recruit a more diverse pool of attorneys to reflect bett....

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Law Firm Titles: The Difference Between Law Firm Managing Partners, Partners, Income (or)Non Equity Partners, Associates and Of Counsel Attorneys

Law firm titles are like any other titles within a business. From associate to partner, each defines a rank and respons....

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The Top Fifteen Reasons Why You Should Not Be a Litigator: Most Attorneys Should Not Be Litigators

Find out why it is so hard to be a good litigator and why there are so many unsuccessful litigators in this article.....

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BCG Attorney Search's Guide to Corporate and Finance Practice Areas

Have you ever wondered what it is that corporate and finance lawyers do? If you haven’t actually worked as an attorney....

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Marketing Your Law Firm Through Practice Groups

Practice Groups are increasingly becoming the way law firms manage their businesses, including a significant component o....

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Think Differently, Specialize and Prosper

This is an exciting time to be a new partner in a law firm. The legal market has experienced several years of record pro....

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