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What is Retained Attorney Search? Top 13 Questions and Answers About Retained Attorney Search and Legal Recruitment for Law Firms

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  1. What is Retained Attorney Search?
  2. Why Do Law Firms Use Retained Attorney Search?
  3. What Are The Benefits of Retained Legal Search?
  4. What Are The Potential Disadvantages/Risks of Retained Legal Search?
  5. How Should Law Firms Choose Between Retained Legal Search and Contingent Legal Search?
  6. What are the Disadvantages of Contingent Attorney Search?
  7. Should A Law Firm Consider Several Legal Recruiting/Attorney Search Firms?
  8. What Should A Retained Attorney Search Agreement Include?
  9. How Can Law Firms Motivate and Control an Attorney Retained Search With a Legal Recruiting Firm?
  10. How Can Law Firms Make A Retained Search Easier?
  11. What Questions Should Be Raised With Attorney Search Firms About Their Qualifications for a Retained Attorney Search?
  12. What Information Should Attorney Search Firms Present to Law Firms About Attorney Candidates?
  13. What Are The Most Common Stumbling Blocks in Retained Attorney/Legal Search?
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