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Three Critical Investments New Law Firm Partners Need to Make to Succeed

In order to ensure a bright future, new law firm partners should make these three critical investments in their career.....

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Take This GIFT for Granted and Your Legal Career Will Be Dead: Why Attorneys Must Always Have Access to Lots of Work and Be Busy

Most attorneys don't understand the number one factor that will ensure their career survival. Find out what it is in th....

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Partner Q&A in the Wake of Wall Street's Collapse and its Ripple Effect on The Street

Wall Street's financial troubles are distressing not only to firms in New York City, which rely heavily upon financial i....

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Finding Work/Life Balance

Yes, indeed. The eternal question. The oft-asked inquiry of young and old attorneys alike: How do I find a work/life bal....

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Law Firms and Part-Time Attorneys — They Really Can Go Hand in Hand

We've all heard a story like this: a motivated, highly successful (generally female) associate at a top-tier law firm e....

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Important Questions an Attorney and Law Student Should Ask in a Law Firm Interview and Why it is Important to Listen During Law Firm Interviews

''Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt''— Abraham Lincoln''One of the ....

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Work Trends at New Economy Firms

Res Ipsa Loquitur: An Insider's Reflections on Work Trends at "New Economy" BigLaw Firms....

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