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Small Law Firm Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewing for a small law firm position can be an exciting opportunity for any legal professional. While the intervie....

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Most Common Large to Medium Law Firm Interview Questions

Interviewing for a large or medium law firm position can be an exciting opportunity for any legal professional. However,....

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Guidelines for How to Answer the Top 50 Law Firm Interview Questions

Introduction:Entering the legal profession is an exciting and rewarding journey, but one that requires dedication, hard ....

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Most Common Law Firm Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Listen to This Podcast on:Navigating the job market as an attorney can be a challenging process, especially when it come....

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Ten Interview Questions for Second Career Lawyers and Sample Responses

For attorneys pursuing second careers, transitioning to the legal profession can present unique challenges and opportuni....

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Top 10 Reasons Why High Junior Associate Salaries Are Destroying the Legal Profession

Learn why an increase in law firm salaries is so destructive to the legal profession and will ultimately harm many atto....

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Meet Robert Kinney, Our Senior Recruiter in Texas: A Profile of BCG's Texas Presence

Profile: Robert E. KinneyThis month we profile Robert Kinney, the newest member of our team, who established the Texas o....

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