Ten Interview Questions for Second Career Lawyers and Sample Responses
  1. Why did you return to school after working for a few years?
Sample answer: After working in my previous field for several years, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in law. I had always been interested in the law and considered attending law school after college. Still, I needed more practical work experience before committing to a legal career. After several years in my previous field, I felt that I had gained valuable skills and experience, but I also felt that I had reached a point where I was ready for a new challenge. I decided to return to school to pursue my law degree because I saw it as a way to combine my interest in the law with my desire to impact the world positively.

Do's: Show that you have a clear and compelling reason for returning to school to pursue a career in law. Emphasize how your previous work experience has prepared you for a career in the legal field.