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Four Fatal Mistakes Highly Qualified Attorneys Make When Choosing Law Firms

Learn the most important factors you should look at when selecting which law firm to join so you avoid making these fou....

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Top 26 Questions Law Firms Typically Ask Attorneys and Law Students in Interviews

Make sure you are ready for your next law firm interview by reviewing the questions they may ask you and consider what ....

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Is the Demotion of Partners Becoming a Legal Industry Trend?

Something is now happening to law firm partners, even in big law firms, that used to be unthinkable.....

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Why Most Lawyers Should Not Work in Large Law Firms: The Only Three Reasons Any Attorney Should Work in a Large Law Firm

Why are you working in a large law firm? If it’s not for these three reasons, you should re-evaluate your situation.....

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21 Reasons Why Being a Large Law Firm Partner Is More Difficult Than Being an Associate

Learn about the challenges partners face inside law firms in this article.....

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What Yale Law School Teaches about How to Approach Your Legal Career That No Other Law School Does

The law profession is by no means static.In fact, Yale Law School teaches its students practical applications of a law s....

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Two Things the Most Successful 5% of Attorneys Do That the Rest Do Not: Ignore this Career Advice at Your Own Peril

Learn how to do these two things that will ensure your successful career as an attorney.....

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