Seven Reasons Attorneys Never Have the Successful Careers They Are Capable Of

1. What should you be wary of to ensure you reach your full potential as an attorney?

Avoid falling into the trap of complacency. Never let yourself get too comfortable; instead, constantly challenge yourself and strive for personal and professional growth.

2. How should attorneys handle the opinions of their peers in making career decisions?

Listen to your instincts and don't be overly influenced by the opinions of others, whether they doubt your choices or question your decisions. Trust your own judgment and follow the path that feels right for you.

3. When facing setbacks in your legal career, what quality should you prioritize?

Cultivate resilience. Successful attorneys overcome difficulties without letting them lead to ruin. Learn from negative experiences and use them as stepping stones to further your career.

4. What is the substitute for success, and why should you avoid it?

The substitute for success is accepting mediocrity or settling for being average. Refuse to accept anything less than your full potential, and strive for excellence rather than settling for average performance.

5. What role do clear goals and strategy play in your journey toward success as an attorney?

Set clear goals and develop a strategic plan. Having a well-defined strategy will help guide you toward your objectives, ensuring you stay focused on your path to overall career success.


A lawyer told me last night that most of the other attorneys she knows are looking to do something other than practice law. Lawyers are one of the most fascinating breeds of attorneys I know. The ones who go to the top law schools and start in jobs with the top law firms generally have been performing at a very high level for their entire lives; however, when they get out in the real world, a good proportion of these attorneys fail to have fulfilling and successful long-term careers. What this has taught me is that no matter how smart attorneys are, how talented attorneys are, or how much potential attorneys have–there is something else that matters when it comes down to whether or not attorneys will have good careers. It often comes down to being able to do certain simple things.
I have been studying what makes attorneys successful in their careers for as long as I can remember. Some attorneys out there have incredible, truly admirable careers, and they remain successful in every type of economy and under virtually every circumstance. There are other attorneys who do not make the most of their careers and are unsuccessful under virtually every circumstance.
There are seven reasons I have identified that determine whether someone will make the most of a career or not: