Moore & Van Allen

1: When was Moore & Van Allen established, and what values did it build upon?

Moore & Van Allen was established in 1950 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The firm was built upon integrity, client dedication, and innovation values.

2: What are some of the key practice areas in which Moore & Van Allen excels?

Moore & Van Allen is renowned for its expertise in diverse practice areas, including Corporate and Business Law, Financial Services, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Litigation, and Employment and labor Law.

3: How does Moore & Van Allen demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Moore & Van Allen actively recruits diverse talent, fosters an inclusive work environment, and engages in community outreach programs to promote access to justice and legal education for underrepresented communities.

4: What is the significance of Moore & Van Allen's pro bono program?

Moore & Van Allen's robust pro bono program provides legal aid to individuals and families who lack access to legal representation. It also involves advocacy, policy work, and disaster response efforts to make a positive impact on communities.

5: What can aspiring legal professionals expect from a career with Moore & Van Allen?

Joining Moore & Van Allen offers mentorship, exposure to diverse practice areas, a commitment to work-life balance, and opportunities for community engagement and pro bono work. It's a chance to be part of a legacy of excellence in the legal field.

In the realm of legal excellence, few firms shine as brightly as Moore & Van Allen. This distinguished law firm, established in 1950, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to legal excellence, innovation, and community service. For aspiring legal professionals, understanding the core values, practices, and culture of Moore & Van Allen can provide invaluable insights into building a successful career in the legal field. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the essence of Moore & Van Allen, exploring its history, practice areas, commitment to diversity and inclusion, pro bono initiatives, and the path it offers to aspiring legal professionals.