Social Media Recruitment: What Every Law Firm Needs to Know

The way businesses recruit new employees has changed a lot in recent years, responding to the needs and preferences of the Millennial Generation. Rather than reading newspapers, they read blogs; rather than mailing out résumés, they post them on LinkedIn; and much of their social life happens online. Most hiring managers have caught on to these changes and adapted their search methods to match the interconnected economy. However, the legal profession has slowly started incorporating social media into its recruiting process.

The shortage of law jobs may be due to the large number of law school graduates competing for positions. According to statistics, only 55% of people with a JD are employed in law-related jobs nine months after graduation. The rest are either still looking for work or working in jobs unrelated to their degree. This can be frustrating for recent graduates struggling to find work in their field. However, employers looking to hire the best candidates should consider what Millennials care about.