One of the questions I receive quite often from people I work with is whether or not they should talk about other interviews while they are interviewing with a potential employer. Let me emphasize one thing: This is one of the more important questions you will ever be asked in an interview. Regardless of your qualifications, how you respond to this question will have a direct bearing on whether or not you receive an offer from the employer. Be very careful how you answer it.

The Information You Should Never Volunteer in an Interview as an Attorney

At the outset, it’s important to point out you don’t have to answer this question. This question won’t be asked very often. Indeed, it’s my opinion that this question is inappropriate. In no instance should you even volunteer this information unless you are asked. The problem is that if you are asked this question, you will look bad if you refuse to answer it. Not answering the question gives the employer the impression you will similarly “hide the ball” when working for them. It also doesn’t do much to assist you in establishing a bond of trust, empathy, and understanding with the potential new employer. Therefore, it’s my opinion that this question must be answered if asked.

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