Regardless of how well you prepare and no matter how well you fit a firm’s ideal profile, an interview can still go poorly without really being anyone’s fault. Personal chemistry is often the culprit.

Why You Should Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected in an Attorney Interview

It is our job at BCG Attorney Search to eliminate any and all misconceptions on behalf of both the candidate and the law firm before a first meeting takes place. However, unexpected glitches do occur sometimes. Hiring requirements can change dramatically based on the loss or addition of a client. An employee from another office might be brought in to fill a vacancy. A person who was planning to leave may decide to stay at the last minute, leaving you out in the cold. Be prepared for the unexpected. Life is like that. If you become one of our candidates, your resume will probably be submitted to more than one firm. When we agree to take you on as a client, we stick with you. We will "exhaust the well" while trying to help you land the job you deserve.
Learn why attorneys usually fail law firm phone-screening interviews in this article: