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Working with BCG was great. It was very communicative. They were not just talking to me and letting the ball roll, they were proactive in asking me if there was any assistance I needed, what I was interested in, and what I was curious to look in. Harrison talked with me personally on several occasions. It was overall a good experience, and I would recommend BCG to anyone that is doing a job search now.Working with BCG [made my search] a lot easier. There is a lot out there on the internet. Throughout my searches in the past years, which unfortunately have been frequent, it is easier to have a person on your team, and not needing to do it all for yourself. Overall the biggest thing I thought I benefitted from were Harrison's connections and his knowledge about different areas. He tried to get to the true nature of what I like and what I'll be happy in, and he was a go getter on my behalf.To be honest I have tried to do this on my own a couple times. In doing my research I realized that with big firms and big companies it's very tough to get someone to read past your cover letter. You have to come as a referral or have somebody recommending you. I did a couple cold calls, but me contacting the firm directly was not the same as something coming from a recruiter.If things didn't work out or if I didn't like where I was I would definitely reach out to you guys first.

Joanne Hodge

Georgetown University School of Law, Class Of 2004

Placed at Harris Beach PLLC

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