Congratulations! You have successfully interviewed at a law firm, and now you have an offer to show for it! This questionnaire and worksheet is intended to assist you with a thorough analysis of the law firm and the offer, as well as give you an opportunity for self-reflection. Bear in mind that there are typically only so many lateral moves an attorney can make (without a substantial book of business) before firms begin to frown on the constant movement. Do not make your decision hastily. Each move must be seriously considered with a great deal of careful thought.

Important Questions Attorneys Should Ask to Evaluate Employment Offers they Receive from Law Firms: A Questionaire and Worksheet

This questionnaire is useful for attorneys comparing and contrasting two competing offers, as well as attorneys considering the prospect of remaining at their current firm. While there are undoubtedly many questions to ask yourself when considering an offer (and we will discuss these topics at length below), I believe it is most important to focus on four major questions:

1. Do you feel a positive gut instinct about this firm and the offer?

2. Are you excited about the opportunity?