It’s been a long time since I have loved Prince. Seeing him on the video screen fastened to my treadmill reawakened a lot of old feelings. Fascination. Confusion. Having the luxury of space and time between us now, however, I can look at him with a fresh eye. Simply put, in the 1980s world of big hair, Prince stood out. Why? From the moment he hit the music scene, his confidence, his musical abilities, his artistic generosity, and his presentation distinguished him from his peers. He acted like he belonged there. He wrote music like he belonged there. He carried himself like he belonged there. We believed he belonged there. He still belongs there.

Do you belong in the world of big firms? Do you stand out? Distinguishing yourself in law school is very different from distinguishing yourself amongst others in your first-year associate class. How is it possible that in a class of 60 first-year associates, one or two eventually crawl to the top? What do these people have that others do not?