Candidate lands big law position despite COVID lay off |

Candidate lands big law position despite COVID lay off

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This candidate is a returning candidate to me and BCG, who I worked with in his placement two years earlier. It is always a huge compliment when a candidate comes back to work with us, and he was such a pleasure to work with the first time, I looked forward to it this time as well! He really enjoyed the firm we placed him at, but unfortunately the firm was hit hard by the coronavirus, and since he was one of the recent hires, they had to lay him off.

What was so amazing about this candidate from beginning to end was his patience, eternal optimism, and understanding of the reality of the market. He looked at every interview he received, big firm small firm major firm as a gift and was thrilled with everyone he got to speak to. He was also incredibly flexible on location, which ended up landing him a job in big law in the end during a pandemic when no one was landing big law jobs in corporate during the pandemic. He and I worked together for months, and he never once lost faith in BCG, me or the process and he kept with it, and as a result he had really strong results.

Now about the candidate. This candidate is amazing, and comes from really strong credentials, and was a 4th year associate. He earned his J.D. from a top 10 school in 2017, so he had a really strong background, which certainly helped him ultimately land a really great position.

He started his career as an associate in the corporate group of a Vault top 20 extremely well known firm where he focused in a wide range of corporate areas including private equity. As noted above, he made a move early in his career (about two years in) as the firm he was at has a reputation for being a very difficult place to work, and it proved true for him, and so he decided to leave since he knew he would not remain there long term. I worked with him on that search, and we ended up landing him in a really strong position.

He also provided a deal sheet - corporate attorneys sometimes do not appreciate the power of a deal sheet, but a strong one in the corporate world can make the difference between landing an interview, and not. It helps firms to really see the depth of your experience and is another way to really highlight how strong of a candidate you really are and to show the type of matters you worked on. In this case, he had worked on deals in the millions to billions for a wide range of companies from Fortune 500 companies to private equity funds to both public and private and domestic and cross-border deals.

This candidate's experience was really impressive in this regard. As noted above, his practice focused on corporate and private equity including representing domestic and international private equity fund. He had also lead diligence, and drafted, negotiated and reviewed purchase agreements, confidentiality agreements, resolutions, diligence schedules and memoranda and term sheets. This type of corporate background is usually gold, but during the pandemic, corporate has been hurting most of all.

This candidate and I worked together and over the course of our time together, got him out to many firms, and he continued to expand into different regions as he really was open and was most focused on landing a position for his career. There were a couple of cities he would equally be happy to live in as well, so he targeted those, and importantly stepped outside only focusing on the top of the top markets.

While he landed a lot of interviews at smaller boutique firms, which he was very interested in, he eventually landed an interview at a top firm in a regional market. This opening, despite being a regional location, was extremely competitive, and I understand the firm interviewed a lot of people for the role. The candidate's natural optimism and good nature and combined with his amazing credentials helped land him the job, and he accepted the offer immediately.

The message here is just because you have been laid off due to COVID, it does not mean your career is over. He was focused, optimistic, and stuck with me, and we worked really well together, and he is now starting in an amazing big law top paying job this week! What a great placement for this candidate!

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