Are you trying to find where you belong as an attorney? The DISC Profile Assessment can help you find your tribe, practice area, and your ideal environment.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

I frequently see attorneys fail in the practice of law because they chose the wrong practice area, practice setting, law firm, or are in the wrong profession entirely. This is understandable. If you do not know yourself and where you are likely to be happy, you are bound to fail. By the end of this article, you are going to have the ability to understand what sort of practice area you should be in, what sort of type of law firm (or practice setting) you should be in and whether or not you should be practicing law at all. You will also take away with you an excellent understanding of other people and why you do, or do not, get along with them and the sorts of people you should and should not be working with.

I’ve recently started meeting with a man who runs a $150-million company painting houses and doing construction work for HOAs around the country a few times a month to understand how he runs his company and evaluates his people. The man is not a lawyer and is uneducated; however, he has become very successful by some simple tools he uses to understand himself and others. This man is the third or fourth incredibly successful entrepreneur I have spoken with over the past several years to use the same method to understand himself and others. I used to use the same process for evaluating legal recruiters that I was hiring and found it useful—but at some point, I stopped.