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COVID-19 Legal Resources for Attorneys, Law Students, and Law Firms


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Presentations for attorneys and law students on virus effect on legal job market

An article on the effect of the virus on effect on job market

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

  • We are in for a different kind of legal job market recession that will be meaner, longer, and more devastating than anything we have ever seen.
  • The coronavirus recession is going to destroy countless legal careers and prevent tens of thousands of them from ever starting.
  • This article will help you survive this recession.
  • It may be the most important article you ever read in your career.

Article type: Associate, Harrison's Perspectives

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A podcast regarding the effect of the virus on the job market

What the Coronavirus Means for the Legal Economy and Your Attorney Job Search: What You Need to Know and Do
Learn more about this topic by listening to this podcast

CARES Act Information

OAR Presentation
OAR Presentation

Crisis-Related Government Programs and Legislation

Small Business Administration
First Coronavirus Response Act

Job Search Resources

Job opening research service for attorneys, law students and legal staff that monitors every law firm, in-house company, government office, judge, public interest organization, nonprofit and other organization for openings and post these openings for its members.

Largest collection of active legal jobs in the World.
Posts jobs for legal employers to 200+ sites as well to assists with recruitment.

Service that assigns an employment advisor to work directly with law students and attorneys and applies directly to openings for them. Helps attorneys and law students get positions with law firms, government offices, clerkships, in-house and every other type of legal employer.

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Offers group and private coaching for attorneys and law students seeking to improve their marketability. Also teaches job search techniques, offers resume workshops and more for attorneys and law students. Has ongoing courses to assist with legal job search. Offers outplacement services for law firms and legal employers.

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Targeted mailing service for attorneys and law students that helps track down the "hidden job market". Offers resume and cover letter services and targeted lists of employers to help attorneys and law students track down jobs.

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Largest online legal community in existence. Offer ability for law students and attorneys to interact with one another and discuss relevant issues.

Also offers and employment forum: Click here


and for other forums of interest to job seekers Click here


Service that does resumes for attorneys and law students. Oldest and most trusted resume service in the United States.

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Career advice blog for attorneys and others. Offers daily career advice articles, books and more information and resources for attorneys, law students and others.

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