Keep your story simple as an attorney during your job search.

Lawyers are thorough people. We deal with complicated concepts. We are trained to leave no stone unturned. We look for contingencies; we think constantly about what-ifs. We are constantly imagining scenarios that may or may not occur. And we are afraid to tell an incomplete story.

Julie Lehrman
Job-hunting is nothing like lawyering. When you interview, you are selling a product: yourself. And in sales, it is important to keep the sales pitch succinct and simple. We must resist the urge to tell the listener every single fact about us that they might someday want to know. This is counterintuitive to many of us lawyers. However, whether on paper or in an in-person interview, you should always strive to keep your story as uncomplicated as possible.

Keep Your Resume Simple.

Before you get an interview, you send your resume to a target company or firm, where it is looked at, along with 10,000 other resumes, by someone who is probably tired of looking at resumes. If you send a resume that is overly long, overly complicated, or for some reason does not make crystal clear who you are in about 5 seconds or less, your resume will go in the trash.