Why American Law Firms Prefer Hiring Australian Attorneys Over American Attorneys: What You Can Learn from Australian Attorneys about How to Succeed in American Law Firms

Whenever the economy is doing well in the United States, American law firms start hiring Australian attorneys. Incredibly, I have seen law firms favor hiring Australian attorneys over American attorneys again and again. I regularly work with Australian attorneys and they almost always get more interviews and more offers than their American counterparts. They get jobs with the best firms. Firms simply love Australian attorneys.

A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

In contrast, attorneys from Europe, Asia or the Middle East have very little chance of getting hired by a major United States law firm. Scores of Asian and European attorneys come to the United States each year and enroll in American law school LLM programs, yet most do not end up getting positions with American firms. They take the bar, cannot get jobs and then go home. It does not matter if they went to Harvard, Columbia or the University of Chicago—they find themselves right back where they started in most instances. In contrast, virtually every major New York law firm will happily snap up Australian attorneys and the Australian attorneys end up doing very well inside these firms.



You would think, of course, that law firm hiring partners would prefer to hire people from their own countries who have gone to schools they know and have backgrounds that are more similar to theirs. But when it comes to Australian attorneys, this is just not the case!