I’m sure there are a lot of things you have an interest in. This may include a 30-minute explanation as to why you lost your last job, or it may be a long-winded explanation of how you chose where to go to law school or get your MBA.

Why You Need to Forget Everything Boring on Your Attorney Resume

No one cares.

In fact, the less people know and the less you bore people, the better off you will be.

My grandfather grew up on a farm in rural Indiana. He put himself through school writing for a newspaper called The Michigan Daily. Because he'd grown up on a farm and spent his childhood with people from farms, he had a very easy-going style that enabled him to explain enormously complex ideas to people without very much education. When he got out of college, he ended up getting a job with the local Detroit paper covering World War II from Paris. After the war, he returned to Detroit where he became a very well-known newspaper columnist and had a radio show. He made his entire living off of keeping things simple and the ability to explain complex ideas to people in an easy manner. He wrote in simple language that the farmers he grew up with could understand, and it paid off.
The ability to take complex ideas and explain them to people in a simple and straightforward way is something that's a real skill and something not a lot of people can do. In fact, the ability to simplify ideas, concepts, and various things is one of the greatest skills there is. We all have the tendency to overly complicate our lives in incredible ways. We make our lives and everything we do much more complicated than it really needs to be. This is a huge mistake. When we make things uncomplicated, simple, and easy to understand and digest, we are always better off.
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