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Reentering the Legal Field: Strategies for Senior Attorneys

SUMMARY: As a senior attorney, reentering the legal field may seem challenging, but it can be a rewarding venture with t....

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How Much Attention Should Attorneys Pay to the Level of Experience a Law Firm is Seeking in Job Postings?

Listen to This Podcast on:Most of our placements with firms with openings are for candidates whose law firm experience l....

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How Any Senior Attorney with No Business Can Get a Job in a Law Firm

Listen to This Podcast on:Listen to How Any Senior Attorney with No Business Can Get a Job in a Law Firm PodcastOne of t....

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Top 10 Reasons Why Older Attorneys Have a More Difficult Time Getting Law Firm Jobs: Why Law Firms Prefer Younger Attorneys With Less Experience

Find out why it is so hard to get a job in a law firm as an older attorney and how older attorneys can increase their c....

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Why is Too Much Experience Held Against an Attorney When they are Looking for a New Job?

Question: Can too much experience be a bad thing? I recently interviewed with a large firm for an associate position. I ....

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How Can a Partner Make a Lateral Move Without a Book of Business?

Question: What advice can you give to a senior associate or junior partner looking to make a move? I have been with my p....

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Senior Associates - How to Make Oneself More Marketable to Law Firms

Are you considering a move as a senior associate? How can you make yourself more marketable to law firms? Follow these ....

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