How Attorneys Can Ensure Their Lateral Move to a New Law Firm is a Success
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Choosing the perfect opportunity is important. However, that is simply not the end of the equation. The fact that you are now with a firm that suits your career goals and personality will not, in and of itself, support the type of professional situation you want over time. After making the decision to take a new position, your focus should be on how you can ensure that the change is everything you want it to be.

Why is this important? As recruiters and as lawyers, we have encountered many attorneys with excellent records-except that their resumes reflect 2, 3, or 4 job changes. We can tell you that making a significant number of moves from firm to firm, in and of itself, will often prevent an attorney from getting to interview with certain firms. Why? Because some firms want loyalty and long-term dedication. Often, the law firms with whom we work are hiring associates they suspect will become lifetime partners in the firm. Therefore, the likelihood that you will leave one position for another could become a major hurdle in finding a job. It is for this reason that upon a move to a new firm, lawyers should do everything they can to make it work with that firm. BCG strongly encourages lawyers to avoid the mentality that "if this doesn't work, I'll find something else."