Recently Graduated and Unemployed: Assistance with Your Hunt for a Permanent Legal Position


Recent graduates who are out of work and searching for permanent legal positions can find the right fit with a few strategies. It is important to invest in yourself and spend time to develop your areas of expertise, assess connections, and organize your job search strategy.

It is important to invest in yourself by networking, attending events, and researching areas of interest. Utilize your connections and contacts to find out about available positions, as well as researching job postings to find out what qualifications are necessary. It is important to focus on industries and positions that interest you, as this will help you stay motivated during the job search.

Once an individual has identified areas of interest, it is essential to assess your connections and determine if any people in your network can help you with your search. Networking is one of the best ways to potentially learn about and be referred for job openings. It is important to attend professional events and conventions to make connections and learn about industry trends, as well as to take advantage of professional development opportunities.

It is also important to organize a job search strategy so that it is more efficient and productive. This can include—but is not limited to—creating a spreadsheet of job postings, websites to search, and contacts in the industry. It is also important to develop an online presence through social media and through your unique resume.

Once a job is identified, the individual should carefully review the job posting and make sure the qualifications match the position. It is also important to target a tailored resume to the position and create a good impression when interviewing. An individual should research the organization, know the answers to basic questions, and be prepared to explain how their experience and skill sets could be beneficial to the organization.

In conclusion, recent graduates who are unemployed and looking for a permanent legal position should invest in themselves and their job search strategies. This could include networking, researching job postings and areas of interest, creating an online presence, and tailoring a resume to the position. Through these strategies, individuals should be well-equipped to find the perfect permanent legal position.

What To Consider When You're Unemployed and Recently Graduated

Being unemployed and recently graduated can be a stressful time. You may not have yet developed the experience level necessary to secure a permanent legal position or have the contacts or network needed to really kick start your legal career. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your chances of finding a permanent legal job a bit better.

Making Connections

Making contacts and networking is essential when it comes to finding a permanent legal job. It is important to reach out to people in the legal field, as well as law firms, recruiters and others who may have insight into open positions or be able to offer advice. Attending job fairs and networking events is a great way to meet and make connections with people who can potentially help you get the legal position you want.

Working on Your CV

It's also important to make sure your CV is up to date and tailored to the type of legal position you are seeking. A well-written and well-structured CV can often go far in terms of making a good impression and potentially landing an interview. Your CV should include any internships, externships, or any other legal-related experience you may have as well as highlighting your unique strengths and qualifications.

Taking Advantage of Online Platforms

In today's digital age, there are a number of platforms available to help you find a permanent legal position. Job-search websites, legal-specific websites, and even social media can all be beneficial when it comes to uncovering legal job opportunities. You should also make sure to have an online presence, as this can help potential employers get a better idea of who you are and what you have to offer.

Showcase Your Skills and Experience

Recent graduates should also take any opportunities to showcase their skills and experience in the legal field. This may include applying for internship or externship programs, attending CLE courses and conferences, or competing in legal competitions. All of these activities can help to not only build your legal knowledge but also demonstrate your commitment to the legal field and help to impress potential employers.

That's right — as the economy gets a bit tighter and firm salaries are increased, the market for first-year associates becomes more competitive and selective. If a firm is going to pay $160,000, they want a candidate who has the potential to do great things and are typically extremely selective regarding credentials. First years don't do much by way of high-level lawyering — but the firm makes a huge investment hoping that it will pay off in the long term.

What if you are one of those recent grads without a position? Perhaps you feel like you have just played a game of musical chairs and have been the one left without a seat. It is a horrible, sinking feeling. You need to find a position, you need to start paying off your loans, you need to pay your rent…what to do?

We get so many calls from recent grads who haven't been successful in finding positions. Unfortunately, recruiters cannot help you in your search. The law firms look to recruiters like BCG to find experienced candidates for permanent placements. So, even though we'd like to help everyone who contacts us, using a recruiter is not an option for recent graduates. The law firms have systems in place for recruiting and hiring summer and first-year associates. Our clients only want us to present candidates with experience — generally one to two years of law firm experience gained at a similarly situated law firm.