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The Next Step on Your Professional Path: Build a Network

If you think you can make a successful career just by continually improving yourself, think again. You can write beautifully, argue passionately, think incisively, groom perfectly, even go to 1,000 conferences; but it will not get you the success you want. Conversely, ask yourself why it is that a certain partner down the hall does so well? He doesn't seem any smarter than you (just the opposite!); he doesn't have a very compelling presence; he doesn't even write very well. Why does he have so much business, and why is he ''going places?'' Hard telling. But I do know that no matter how much potential you have, no matter how much natural intelligence and drive you have, you cannot ''get there'' if you are doing it ''on your own.'' Therein may be the secret of that mystery partner: Maybe he is not doing it ''on his own.'' Maybe he has help.
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