The Dangers of Myopia—Do You Have a Clear View of Your Own Professional Value? |

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The Dangers of Myopia—Do You Have a Clear View of Your Own Professional Value?

A candidate called me this week, and in the course of exchanging information I realized that she was probably the most highly-credentialed junior associate candidate that had crossed my path in recent years. She held JD, PhD, and Master's degrees from the most prestigious schools in the nation. She graduated near the top of her class in each instance and she had been editor-in-chief of her law review. Still, she was somewhat apologetic for not having earned straight A's. I understand where she is coming from; when you are spending most of your time in competitive environments surrounded by other brilliant people, you can lose perspective. This phenomenon is not uncommon in young attorneys just entering the profession, as grades and degrees are the primary sources of feedback before getting out into the work place. But it can be tragic when experienced attorneys lose sight of their strong capabilities and fine credentials just because their firms does not see them as superstars, or because they are isolated from the reality of what the average attorney working in their practice area does by comparison. In these cases, fine careers can be lost to insecurity or ignorance of opportunities that might provide fertile ground for professional satisfaction and pride.
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