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What Should I Do if I Just Lateraled as an Attorney to a New Law Firm and Do Not Like it There? Is it Acceptable to Start Looking for a New Law Firm Right After Starting at a New Law Firm?

Question: I recently moved to a new firm, but after a few months it has become clear that there were a number of misrepr....

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What Do Law Firm Titles Mean: Of Counsel, Non-Equity Partner, Equity Partner Explained

Listen to This Podcast on:....

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How Attorneys Can Network: Why Networking is Essential to Attorney Success

Listen to This Podcast on:One thing that many attorneys do not know is that the most successful attorneys are "networked....

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Important Questions Attorneys Need to Ask Themselves Before Searching for a New Law Firm Position

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereEveryday I talk with attorneys seeking to....

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40 Questions Attorneys and Law Students Should Ask in Law Firm Interviews and Questions You Can Ask the Law Firm Interviewer as Well

Never, ever, underestimate the importance of your law firm job interview! If you have gotten this far in the process …....

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Top 10 Reasons Most General Practice Firms Have No Idea How to Hire and Evaluate Patent Attorneys

Patent attorneys are in higher demand in today's technology-driven world, but some firms are still not sure how to hire....

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How to Prepare Outstanding Cover Letters

Some attorneys do not appreciate the importance of cover letters. They assume their resume will be what “sells” the....

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