The Top 15 Reasons Attorneys Should Go on Every Interview They Get and Why it Is Crazy Not to Do So

Once you have an offer in hand, you are in control. Every interview is an opportunity to meet new people, learn about different firms, practice your interview skills, and learn about your potential. Moreover, you owe it to yourself to understand why a firm likes you enough to bring you in. What is unique about you that the law firm is interviewing you?


1. Your Immediate Objective is to Get as Many Jobs as Possible. When you've granted an interview, seize it as your prime opportunity to secure a position. Focus on getting the job first; all questions and negotiations can follow once you've achieved this milestone. It's crucial to approach each interview with the mindset. Getting a position gives you more confidence, options if other opportunities do not work out, and much more. You want to do everything you can to get every job possible. There is nothing wrong with getting a job so that you can negotiate later.

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2. Every Interview is a Networking Opportunity that Could Pay Dividends in the Future: Interviews are more than just a chance to land a job; they're networking opportunities. These interactions can forge relationships throughout your career, offering guidance, support, referrals, and opportunities that are otherwise hard to come by. Embrace each interview as a networking event. You may run across these attorneys several times throughout your career, and this will do nothing but help you.


3. You Owe it to Yourself to Learn About Different Law Firm Cultures: Every interview is a window into another firm's culture. It offers a firsthand look at different environments and practices, allowing you to compare them with your current situation. This insight is invaluable in understanding where you fit best and what each firm has to offer regarding culture, work-life balance, and professional growth. If you find a culture that works better for you than another, you will be happier and do better in that environment than if you do not.


4. You May Get Better Training and Development at One Firm than Another: The quality of training varies significantly across firms, and since you're likely to practice law for many decades, early experiences are foundational. Interviews are your chance to learn about a firm's training opportunities, which is crucial for your development as a skilled attorney. Some law firms will train you and make you the best attorney possible, while others may not. This training is invaluable and something you should understand.


5. Every Firm Offers You Different Insights into What it Would be Like to Work in a Given Firm: By interviewing, you expose yourself to various clients, practice areas, and, possibly, a focus that suits your interests and skills better. You will not fully comprehend this diversity by exploring different firms through interviews. You can only learn about this by interviewing.