Reports of Stealth Layoffs at Fox Rothschild, an Am Law 100 Firm |

Reports of Stealth Layoffs at Fox Rothschild, an Am Law 100 Firm


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Fox Rothschild Confirms Productivity and Performance-Based Terminations of Associates

The firm denies that the layoffs are related to COVID-19 financial cutbacks

Fox Rothschild, a firm that rose to 69th on the most recent edition of the Am Law 100, has been the subject of rumors of stealth layoffs in recent weeks. For those who may not be familiar, stealth layoffs allow firms to cut headcount without confirming that there were economic-based layoffs. Instead, they give associates a certain number of months or weeks to find a new job and frequently couch the reductions in performance review terms, which just happen to coincide with an economic downturn. Due to their secretive nature, it can be challenging to confirm specific numbers, but insiders slowly find out something is amiss.

Fox Rothschild previously cut salaries amid the economic upheaval surrounding COVID-19, but multiple tipsters at the firm have reported layoffs, given the veneer of performance-related terminations. As one insider told Above the Law:
"the firm fires people, mainly attorneys across all offices in a matter of one-two weeks and tries to give pretextual reasons for the firing, not admitting they are of course COVID-related financial cutbacks."
We reached out to the firm and they confirmed firing associates (though a smaller number than what tipsters are reporting). Mark Morris, Firmwide Managing Partner, had this to say about the terminations:
"6 associates from Fox Rothschild were terminated. These dismissals stem from productivity and performance issues. We are assisting these individuals in their job transition."
It's a difficult time for those associates who now find themselves looking for work (and health insurance) amid a global pandemic/economic downturn. As the legal industry continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms face financial challenges and are forced to make difficult decisions. Fox Rothschild's confirmation of layoffs, albeit smaller in number than reported, is a reminder of the ongoing uncertainty in the legal industry.
It's important to note that while Fox Rothschild has confirmed that the layoffs were based on productivity and performance issues, it's not uncommon for firms to use such language as a cover for economic-based layoffs. It's a reminder to legal professionals to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for opportunities, even in the midst of economic uncertainty.
In conclusion, it is confirmed that Fox Rothschild has terminated 6 associates due to
productivity and performance issues, the firm denies that the layoffs are related to COVID-19 financial cutbacks. The legal industry continues to be affected by the pandemic and many firms face financial challenges, making difficult decisions. It's a reminder for legal professionals to stay vigilant and look for opportunities amid economic uncertainty.
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