Find New Types of Employers to Sell Your Talent to. You can sell your services not just to law firms but to the government, in-house, to law schools, to public interest employers and more. I’ve seen attorneys making $250,000 a year take a job for $30,000 a year from a public interest organization—and these were competitive jobs and no one certainly thought the person was on their way down. One way to keep moving up is to seek a new employer where you will have the opportunity to step off your current S-curve and begin a new one—not as an associate or partner, but as an in-house counsel, law professor, or something else.

How to Put Yourself Back on Track as an Attorney by Taking a Public Interest Job

A good way to keep your career on track is often to go to a new type of employer. This is an excellent strategy that can put you on a new path to achievement and marketability.