A Checklist and Questionnaire for Law Firms to Use When Hiring Lateral Partners

On this checklist, put a the date of completion and a comment when needed as you go through this list.

1) Obtain copy of resume

2) Library searches to confirm:
  • Bar admissions
  • No adverse news stories
3) Obtain copy of law school transcript or call law school to confirm graduation date

4) Schedule initial and, if applicable, follow-on interviews
  • Boston Management Committee members
  • Applicable Department Director/s
  • Other partners
  • "Meet and greet"
5) Send Lateral Partner Questionnaire

6) Send form of Business/Integration Plan, if applicable

7) Receive Lateral Partner Questionnaire:
  • Education information
  • Jurisdictions in which admitted to practice law (including proof of admission and Certificate of Good Standing from highest court in each jurisdiction)
  • Employment history, with all years accounted for
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Other proceedings
  • List of principal clients, indicating portable business
  • Tax returns
  • Director/officer positions
  • Business transactions with clients (5-year history)
  • References