The Problem with Contract Work

  • They need the money that contract work will provide to support themselves during their job searches;
  • They believe that contract work will allow them to keep up their skills; and/or
  • They believe that firms will view their contract work favorably, or at least neutrally, when evaluating their applications for permanent employment.
Many of these attorneys are surprised to learn that we advise our candidates to avoid doing contract work if at all possible.

Why do we advise against contract work for our candidates? Because it makes them less marketable.

The attorneys with whom we work are not average; they are highly qualified, with strong academic credentials and excellent law firm experience. They are not seeking average positions with average firms; they are looking to take their careers to the highest level with top law firms. The positions to which they aspire are highly competitive. The firms receive scores of resumes from stellar candidates and are able to be very selective in deciding whom to interview and hire. Therefore, a candidate's resume should be as clean and compelling as possible.