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How to Land the Best Entry-level Legal Jobs

Most law students feel that they will land a job during on-campus recruitment, but the jobs offered by these law firms are not enough.
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Help in Finding an Entry Level Job

Q. I have been having difficulty in obtaining interviews for a position as an associate. I graduated from law school in May of 1999 and my resume shows substantial full-time legal experience. Would yo...

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Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure....

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The Attribute Shared by Attorneys Who Most Consistently Land Jobs

If you are a partner candidate, you may already know the people who are interviewing you. At the screening stage, they will have only one main concern: How much business can you bring with you? Your s...

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When Amar Thakur graduated from law school back in 1995, he initially wanted to go into business law but ended up going into intellectual property law instead. Thakur said he first got into IP law be...

Non-attorneys as Legal Recruiters

One of the little-known secrets of the legal-recruiting industry is that a select few are not, in fact, attorneys. For some, this is deeply unsettling. How could a person who never attended law school...

How BCG Finds Jobs

IntroductionBCG Attorney Search maintains the largest and most up-to-date database of attorney job opportunities inside law firms in the world. BCG Attorney Search-in good economic times and in bad-is...

''Lifestyle'' Firms and the Legal Market

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We see it all the time: A graduate of a top law school (or wherever) joins a large, highly regarded law firm in a major city. The thought of working for a small to mid-sized firm is something most of ...



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