BCG Attorney Search California - Palo Alto Reviews

BCG Attorney Search Reviews for California - Palo Alto

I appreciated the streamlined process when Romina sent me a list of firms fitting my preferences and their open positions, and allowed me to look through them and let her know which I was interested in. Romina was responsive communicating between the firm and me, gave extra effort finding answers to my questions, and helpful submitting my paperwork. I liked that Romina's communication style was both professional and personable. The process was quick and didn't take too much time. It seemed like the search covered a lot of firms I was interested in.Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's you may have used?A. I have otherwise only interacted with recruiters who contacted me in relation to a specific position at one firm. I preferred BCG's approach of showing me a selection of openings to choose from - it was more efficient and allowed me to give input.


University of San Diego School of Law, Class Of 2015

Placed at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
Palo Alto - CA
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I found my recruiter (Romina) very personable and easy to talk to, and I thought she gave very good advice in terms of navigating the process. She was very communicative whether it was via telephone or text message. I am not easily reached by telephone so being able to text was really important to me. BCG made my job search easier because they were able to find my next job and get all of the behind the scenes stuff done so to speak, the introductions, I guess.

Russell Morse

Loyola University School of Law, Class Of 2007

Placed at Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson, PLC
Palo Alto - CA
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I think that BCG helped me, it depends on the people generally, but I like that the organization was very organized. Once I got used to the firm system, it was helpful to see updates. I liked that the recruiters were available basically all of the time, we were in contact via text and I think they were very proactive. I would say that BCG Attorney Search ranks above average in the legal recruiting space.

Daniel Free

University of Michigan Law School, Class Of 2013

Placed at Holland & Hart LLP
Palo Alto - CA
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Brian placed me at a top law firm, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent legal job. My goal was to work at a law firm where I could make a valuable contribution with my particular background. From the first day that I began working with Brian, he was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. They gave me invaluable advice and answered all of my questions throughout the process. Brian worked very hard in finding every opportunity that could be a good fit for me. They are highly regarded and well connected in the legal community, so I knew that I was in good hands. Brian placed me at a law firm that is the perfect fit for me given my career aspirations and I am very grateful for all their help.

Alyssa Ohanian

UC Berkeley - School of Law, Class Of 2014

Placed at Cooley LLP
Palo Alto - CA
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My favorite things about BCG Attorney Search is that the staff were very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and generally just had a good demeanor. It made it easier to find a job because I had someone that knew the market and that could do the leg work for me. They would send me lists of everything that was coming up and what we were looking for. It made it incredibly easier than doing it on my own. BCG ranks number one when compared with other recruiters that I've worked with.

Jesse Mondry

University of Minnesota Law School, Class Of 2008

Placed at Harris Bricken
Palo Alto - CA
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I really liked Romina. She was very positive, friendly, and clearly worked hard to find the right type of firm for me. She was also quick to follow up. Romina was able to find firms that I did not know were hiring, and coordinated the interview process with Aleshire & Wynder. She was also helpful in preparing me for interviews and providing positive feedback. I have only ever worked with one other recruiting company, but I think BCG is more thorough and helpful.

Allison Flowers

Whittier Law School, Class Of 2010

Placed at Aleshire & Wynder, L.L.P.
Palo Alto - CA
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I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the work that BCG provided and the results my recruiter helped me obtain. Unlike previous experience I've had with other recruiters, she was able to focus my job search to only those firms where there was a good fit between what they were looking for and what I was looking for. She also provided invaluable advice as to how to position myself and my background for maximum effectiveness, whether by resume or in the interview itself. Finally, the "moral support" that she was happy to provide was a bonus very much appreciated. In short, I landed the job I wanted, and I felt better throughout the whole process as a result of working with her, too. I would recommend her and BCG to anybody thinking about a new job.


Palo Alto, CA
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