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If you are a current law student or a recent graduate with fewer than six months of work experience, we wish you the best of luck in your job search. Unfortunately, BCG Attorney Search will be unable to help you find a position.

We do, however, have many resources available to you, such as our annually published guide to the top-50 U.S. law schools, which you can find here and our guide to legal practice areas, which you can read online by clicking here. We are also available to speak at law school campuses.

Also, although BCG Attorney Search cannot help recent graduates or current students find their first jobs, we have several affiliates that may offer just what you need.

Legal Authority has helped place thousands of recent law school graduates in law firm positions. Their employment advocates are all attorneys well versed in the legal hiring market, and their expert resume and cover letter writers can ensure that you make the kind of first impression that gets you noticed. Legal Authority also maintains the largest database of legal employers in the world. Click here to see what Legal Authority can do for you.

Legal job databanks, such as LawCrossing, can also help you in your job search. LawCrossing maintains the largest database of active legal job openings in the world--more than four times as many as its nearest competitor. LawCrossing employs a large staff dedicated to scouring every possible source for jobs that could benefit its members so that it can connect you to more real job openings in your field than any other resource. Click here how LawCrossing can help find you your next position.

Again, we at BCG Attorney Search wish you well in your job search. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time for more information on the state of the legal market or when you have the experience to be one of our high-level candidates.

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