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Andrei Iancu: Went from Designing Satellites to Arguing Cases

Before becoming an attorney, Andrei Iancu was an award-winning engineer at Hughes Aircraft. He said he always had an in....

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Nancy L. Abell: Partner with Paul, Hastings, Janofsky, and Walker, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

As an undergraduate at Pitzer College in the early '70s, Nancy Abell did not plan on going to law school. After graduati....

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How Much Does the Law School You Went to Matter When You Lateral Firms?

Considering a lateral move? Learn how much the quality of the law school you went to matters to law firms.....

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Perks vs. Work: Do Wine Tastings and Weekend Retreats Sell Summer Associates on Law-Firm Life?

LOS ANGELES - Between their second and third years at law school, many top-tier students enjoy a summerlong shower of fr....

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Law Schools That Send the Most Attorneys to United States Supreme Court Clerkships

There are over 200 law schools in the United States, yet the current United States Supreme Court—the highest court in ....

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Hike in Starting Salaries Is Not In the Cards, Experts Forecast No Urgency to Hiking Salaries, Recruiter Says

LOS ANGELES - Junior associates hoping that Robert Gunderson might again serve as the patron saint of higher salaries ar....

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BCG News 04/20/09

Eversheds has launched a redundancy consultation, targeting 10 lawyers in its real estate practice.....

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