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Do Attorneys Need to Develop Business?

I knew long before I became a legal recruiter how important it is to become your own salesperson and generate your own b....

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What Does It Take to Become a Successful Corporate Attorney?

BCG Attorney Search's Chief Operating Officer, Peter Wilkniss, offers up some tangible advice about succeeding in the co....

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Should You Start Your Own Law Practice After Losing Your Attorney Job at a Law Firm?

Question: I am trying to help my husband make the right decision. He was let go from his firm last week. Come to find ou....

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The Top 15 Reasons Attorneys Should Leave Their Law Firm Jobs and Look for a New Job

Thinking of leaving your law firm and finding a new job? If you are experiencing any of the fifteen reasons discussed b....

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Important Questions Attorneys Need to Ask Themselves Before Searching for a New Law Firm Position

For the World’s Largest Collection of Law Firm Interview Resources Click HereEveryday I talk with attorneys seeking to....

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Does 10 Years of Associate Experience Make a Lawyer Too Old in NYC?

Question:I am a 10th year practitioner in New York City, and, more recently, I've heard people say that I am ''past my p....

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Coping with the Process of Applying for a Position in a Law Firm: Do Not Let Silence, Delay, Ambiguity, or Rejection Get You Down!

The process of seeking a position at a major law firm is not for the faint of heart. In addition to coping with core iss....

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