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Why is it best to work with a legal placement agency?


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BCG Attorney Search is a legal placement firm and not a legal recruiting firm. There is a huge difference. Read more about this here.

Looking for a job or placement in the legal sphere can be a very complicated and draining process. Often, it serves you – and your career – much better to work with a legal placement agency.
Legal placement agencies provide you with the expertise of those who know more than anyone about how to get attorney jobs, legal recruiters.

BCG Attorney Search has placed thousands of attorneys over the years, leading global businesses that include LawCrossing, Law School Loans, Legal Authority and Attorney Resume.

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Why do candidates choose to work with a legal placement agency?

The reasons that candidates work with legal placement agencies is simple. The job market is tough – especially in legal jobs – and legal placement agencies actually place thousands of aspiring attorneys in engaging and relevant placements at various associated law firms.

In fact, between 2008 and 2009, which saw one of the most difficult legal placement markets in history, several recruiters at BCG Attorney Search actually increased their placement rate. This is because recruiters at the agency have remained there a long time, gaining huge amounts of experience and making hundreds of placements. They even regularly speak at major law school such as the National Association of Law Placement.

Candidates chose to begin their job hunt with the help of a legal placement agency because in doing so, they know their future is in good hands.

Why do law firms choose to work with a legal placement agency?

So it’s clear why candidates chose to work with a legal placement agency, but what makes the major law firms play ball?

Again - it’s a relatively simple answer. Law firms work with legal placement agencies because they know they’re going to be dealing with experts.

BCG Attorney Search has made thousands of placements of partners and associates; and also been involved in several major law firm mergers. When an attorney approaches a recruiter at BCG, they are guaranteed to be dealing with an expert who has consistently worked with and studied the same law firms.

Because BCG has a strong advertising presence, there aren’t many practicing attorneys in the United States who have not heard of the agency. Once a firm has built a strong reputation for placing in law firms, a great deal of candidates are attracted to the agency. This in turn cements relationships with the law firms who can be assured of a high-level candidate.  

What to look for in a legal placement agency?

A great legal placement agency can benefit both law firm and candidate, providing a tailored service that puts together the best candidates and best jobs.

A great legal recruiter should research available opportunities and match the candidate appropriately; prepare a resume in all confidentiality; prepare for interviews; assist in salary negotiations and provide moral support.

They’ll have a good pedigree in most cases to understand the nuances of top level firms; have a high level of concentration; be diligent about learning information about the market and be intuitive.

When BCG recruiters become excited about finding placements, miraculous things happen. More candidates get better jobs – jobs that make them happier – and lawyers end up working where they should be working. Working with a legal placement agency can truly make great things happen. To take the first step in finding a legal placement, submit a resume to BCG today.
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