Learn where law firms stand when it comes to gender equality.

Law firms, bar associations, individual attorneys, corporate clients, and others continue to tackle the issue of gender equality in law firms. Despite about half of all law school graduates being female—and well over 40% of law firm first-year classes being female—women are not represented even nearly equal to men in partnership ranks and women continue to leave law firms at a far higher rate than men.

In 2017, where do firms truly stand when it comes to gender equality? What factors besides statistics inform the “gender equality” issue? When all factors are taken into account, which law firms are leading the way in gender equality and inclusion?

Percentage of Women Equity Partners

One way to assess relative gender equality within a law firm is by looking at the gender makeup of its equity partners. Given that the national average for female equity partners is approximately 18%, by this measure it would appear that firms with higher women equity partner percentages are doing well (or at least better than average) in reducing the gender gap.