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How Attorneys and Law Students Can Craft the Perfect Cover Letter

Listen to This Podcast on:Many young job-seekers make the mistake of saying a lot about themselves in cover letters, resumes, and interviews. A cover letter serves an entirely different purpose than bragging and talking about yourself. What a cover letter needs to do is make a connection with your a....

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What Happens When You Allow Others to Control Your Access to Information?

Listen to This Podcast on:When you are looking for a position in an unfortunate legal market, it can be hard to find many of the jobs available. It is even more difficult if you are in a small market, an entry-level attorney, or a senior attorney without business.Concluding there are not a lot of op....

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How Attorneys Can Network: Why Networking is Essential to Attorney Success

Listen to This Podcast on:One thing that many attorneys do not know is that the most successful attorneys are "networked." Attorneys who do not network often fail over time because of this fact alone.....

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The Seven Untapped Ways for Attorneys and Law Students to Find a Legal Job

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to The Seven Untapped Ways for Attorneys and Law Students to Find a Legal Job Podcast....

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Which Type of Law Firm Is Best for You and Your Career: Main Offices of Large National ....

Are you in the right kind of law firm? Learn how the type of law firm you are in can make or break your legal career.....

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