Take a moment to think a bit about this. A man or woman who dresses exquisitely needs to put a lot of thought and effort into this. They need to ensure that they shop diligently for the right clothing and get clothes that are most suitable to them. They need to take the time to make sure their clothes are well kept up and pay attention to details, from the dry cleaner they use to the creases that appear in their pants. They need to make sure their clothes are tailored properly. They need to make sure they are purchasing good quality shoes and that these shoes are well polished and the heels are not too worn down. They need to make sure their belt has no scratches. They need to ensure there are no runs in their pantyhose and they need to ensure their slip is not showing. The list of what is required to dress like an outstanding professional could go on and on and on. Being a very professionally dressed person requires a ton of effort and an enormous amount of attention to detail. Being a good dresser also requires an enormous amount of multitasking. In fact, being a good dresser requires so much attention to detail that most people are simply not willing or capable of doing this.

How Dressing Well Is Related to Being a Good Attorney

There is a final point that I bring up with the effort to be a good dresser that is perhaps among the most important of all: In order to be an outstanding dresser you must have a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem. You absolutely must have a lot of self-esteem if you are going to purchase an expensive blouse, shoes or other sorts of clothes for work. You also need a lot of self-esteem to believe you are worth dressing the part. Most people do not have the self-esteem it requires to look their best at all times. In order to look good you must believe that you deserve to look good. Napoleon Hill once made this clear in his book Think and Grow Rich: ‘’What you think, so you will become.’’

Just as most people do not have the ability to master the details of dressing well, most people do not have the ability to master the details of being good attorneys. The level of detail and coordination required to be a good attorney is simply far, far too much. This is no different than what it takes to dress well. Most people are simply not able to look the part needed to dress well.