Question: I am a mid-level litigation associate at a large national law firm. In my last review, I was very highly ranked in my peer group. Though I am doing very well and generally like where I work, I am afraid I am on a sinking ship.

The firm has had several very public layoffs and I know there are more coming. Things are so tight that office supplies aren't being restocked and the firm is no longer supplying water for the water coolers. There are rumors that serious rainmakers are moving elsewhere.

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Are you serious? Are you really questioning whether or not you should be out there interviewing? Your current firm sounds like a disaster.

Instead of sitting on what appears to be the deck chairs of the Titanic, get your resume together and start your interviewing process as soon as possible. You really don't want to still be thinking about whether or not you are on a sinking ship long after you are at the bottom of the ocean.