The other day, I received a call from a junior litigation associate looking to make a move from top law in Chicago. We spoke at length about her academic credentials, litigation experience (including her reviews and current standing with her firm), and reasons for seeking another position. Uncertain economy aside, this was a rock-star candidate and one that I would normally jump to represent. In fact, even in these times, I seriously considered representing her because her credentials and litigation experience were outstanding.

As I was about to say the word, ''Sure, I think I can assist you in your job search,'' this candidate said something I did not see coming: ''I put in my notice yesterday and have two weeks before I am finished at my current firm.''
No, You Should Not Quit Your Job before Securing a New One

After what seemed like a twenty-minute silence, I responded with ''You did what?''

Yes, it's true, this rock-star candidate up and quit her job without securing a new one. Was she living under a rock? Did she not notice that we are experiencing an enormous economic recession that has hit even the best law firms like a ton of bricks? Had she not read about the massive lay-offs at countless law firms across the country?