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BCG Attorney Search has helped thousands of attorneys find their dream jobs in virtually every practice area and in every major U.S. city. Here are some success stories that satisfied clients have shared about their BCG experiences:

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Very responsive, obviously successful, and Harrison really listened to what was looking for as well.

- Tayanah Thomas , April 25, 2016

Responsive company.

- Russell Klein , April 25, 2016

Brian and Lynn placed me at a top law firm, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent legal job. My goal was to work at a law firm where I could make a valuable contribution with my particular background. From the first day that I began working with Brian and Lynn, they were incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. They gave me invaluable advice and answered all of my questions throughout the process. Brian and Lynn worked very hard in finding every opportunity that could be a good fit for me. They are highly regarded and well connected in the legal community, so I knew that I was in good hands. Brian and Lynn placed me at a law firm that is the perfect fit for me given my career aspirations and I am very grateful for all their help.

- Alyssa Ohanian , April 25, 2016

Thank you for all of the great work you've done for me and my job search.

I sincerely appreciate your help with my job search. Of all of the recruiters I have spoken and worked with in the past six months, you are certainly the most professional and impressive one I've worked with. You do a great job advocating for your clients and getting results.

It has been a great pleasure working with you and I wish you the best.

- Noah Rabin , April 23, 2016

My favorite thing overall was that it streamlined the process for me no way I would be able to devote the time required to gather materials and put together cover letters and mass mail. It allowed me to work at my prior job and allowed the process to move forward even though I couldn't devote all my day to it.

- David Rodriques

I worked with Nadeen Weybrecht and she was wonderful. She was my favorite thing about working with BCG.

- Sarah Warren Smith

Jamie Bailey is highly professional, seasoned, and just excellent at what she does.

- Melisa Krasnow

Christina. My rep was great. She listened to what I wanted. She worked really hard and found me what she could and she was really encouraging and gave good advice. And was also really understood that I might not want to go with that particular firm. She was pretty supportive. I was really busy at the time I was looking so she was really helpful in handling if I couldn't email back the firm or stuff she took care of all those things for me and that was really helpful.

- Stefani Salt

I think it was Robyn's persistence. I was in a spot where the market was bad when I first reached out to her. And I think over time we were able to focus on my strengths to get me to where I am.

- Kahlil Mitchell

I liked how many resumes BCG sent out for me. I felt my resume was always going out and there was consideration put into what kinds of firms and locations I wanted to concentrate on. There was constant communication and updating on whether you were or weren't hearing back on my resume and the possibility of interviews getting scheduled so that was really nice- the level of communication.

- Jessie Kempf
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