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BCG Attorney Search has helped thousands of attorneys find their dream jobs in virtually every practice area and in every major U.S. city. Here are some success stories that satisfied clients have shared about their BCG experiences:

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Some of my favorite things about working with BCG were the national breadth of professionalism, and the quality of the employers. Working with BCG took a lot of the stress off of me of having to go out and find jobs, especially since I knew that law firms don't publish all of the time and they just go to researchers. BCG has an efficient process for its candidates.

You have higher quality positions in larger firms more than other recruiting firms.

- Anonymous
American University Washington College of Law, Class Of 2011
Placed at Husch Blackwell LLP.

I really liked my consultant, she helped me prepare for interviews, I had a lot of questions that she responded to. She also helped with my interview preparation, and how to negotiate getting the job offer.

BCG helped make my job search easier because my consultant taught me how to make a lateral move and gave me interview prep. The particular job I was looking at, I had seen a post on the BCG website, then I contacted BCG. They then put me in contact with the person I worked with. She was really helpful in terms of helping me figure how to do the logistics of a lateral move and how to prepare for the interview. She also helped me work on my resume. Those kind of things were very useful.

The first words that come to mind when I think of BCG are helpful and responsive. My recruiter did a very good job.

- Anonymous
University of California School of Law, Class Of 2013
Placed at Paul Hastings LLP.

The folks that I worked with were great, all around. The quality, response time, listening and communication. They were just great folks. I had a good experience and they are reliable. I preferred working with BCG and that is why I ultimately did work with you, in terms of the personal connection and the personal attention. I would come back to you in the future.

- Anonymous
Cornell Law School, Class Of 2008
Placed at Hunton & Williams LLP

Katy was nice responsive and, she gave good advice. It is good to have an advocate in the process, a third party that can speak for you.

- Anonymous
University of Pennsylvania Law School, Class Of 2012
Placed at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

My favorite thing about working with BCG was that they were fast and knowledgeable. They were able to make my job search easier because they helped prepare me for interviews successfully. They knew people and had contacts with the firms I was interested in. I would describe them as being very competent.

- Anonymous
George Mason University School of Law, Class Of 2014
Placed at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

I worked primarily with one recruiter, and she was very responsive, I felt like she always had her eyes on a potential opportunity for me, always followed up, and was very engaged in my job search. Working with BCG took some of the burden off of me in terms of looking for potential opportunities, and a lot of the more logistical and practical aspects of it were a lot easier. It was nice to have someone to speak to and help with some of the stress that goes along with finding a new job.

The recruiter I was working with in particular was very helpful, very engaged, and I felt like she really valued my goal of finding a new job.

I would absolutely recommend BCG, especially the particular recruiter that I used. BCG Attorney Search

- M.C.
Boston University School of Law, Class Of 2011
Placed at Perkins Coie LLP

You guys had a lot of institutional knowledge regarding the field of law, especially big law, and making a lateral move. Kind of how to make yourself more marketable and things like that. A lot of that was actually really on point and really useful and helpful. I didn't really have a great mentor or contact kind in the location I was trying to move to, as I was trying to make a move to Houston. I didn't have anyone to bounce things of off and get feedback from. So you guys were really, really helpful on that.

You guys really did take everything off of my plate, in terms of coordinating everything. I've worked with recruiters in the past who really didn't handle everything. In terms of getting my resume out there, facilitating interviews, and coordinating things you guys did all that for me and I really appreciated that. It allowed me to focus on my job.

I would describe BCG as capable, efficient, and professional. I would rank BCG as number one. You guys were honest with me and Harrison was as well. I appreciated that he took the time to work with me.

I think one of the biggest things I found out was how Harrison was. That was a big thing for me, because so many recruiters are just constantly out there trying to generate candidates. And while they are all very complimentary of me, all they have seen is my file on the firm website. Harrison was complimentary of me once when he reviewed my bio, but then after he had reviewed my resume and we had spoked a couple of times, I actually thought he was giving me honest feedback about things that I said, what the reality of me getting a job was in the market, and what my options were in the market. He also talked about what mattered and what didn't, kind of where I fit in based on the law school I went to, things like that. And that is really valuable, because you get so many calls and so many emails as an attorney at a large law firm about this stuff. Most of it's just fishing. So to have somebody that actually paid attention, once I gave him my information, and thought about it and gave me honest feedback was really valuable. BCG Attorney Search

- Jessica
Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, Class Of 2011
Placed at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

My favorite thing about BCG is that they are very proactive, and they also are always a step ahead. When I worked with them they were always giving regular updates, I never had to follow up with anything. They were very responsive, and if I ever had questions they were always there when I needed help. I guess most importantly, they were very informative and they kind of gave me advice throughout the whole process. I've used other recruiters before and they haven't been as honest or informative as BCG was.

Working with BCG made my job search easier because they were honest and upfront. They gave me all the information that I needed, and were available throughout the whole process. Whenever I had questions they were there to answer them. They were also really helpful when it came to negotiating offers. That's when a lot of candidates need someone to step in and negotiate on their behalf, and I think they did a wonderful job in that respect.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are reliable, helpful, and informative.

If I was describing BCG to my peers, I would say if they had to make one phone call, they should make sure that that phone call was to BCG, absolutely, without a doubt. My experience with them has been really good. I have absolutely no qualms recommending them to anybody else. BCG Attorney Search

- M. D.
London College of Law, Class Of 1999
Placed at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP.

Working with BCG was great. It was very communicative. They were not just talking to me and letting the ball roll, they were proactive in asking me if there was any assistance I needed, what I was interested in, and what I was curious to look in. Harrison talked with me personally on several occasions. It was overall a good experience, and I would recommend BCG to anyone that is doing a job search now.

Working with BCG [made my search] a lot easier. There is a lot out there on the internet. Throughout my searches in the past years, which unfortunately have been frequent, it is easier to have a person on your team, and not needing to do it all for yourself. Overall the biggest thing I thought I benefitted from were Harrison's connections and his knowledge about different areas. He tried to get to the true nature of what I like and what I'll be happy in, and he was a go getter on my behalf.

To be honest I have tried to do this on my own a couple times. In doing my research I realized that with big firms and big companies it's very tough to get someone to read past your cover letter. You have to come as a referral or have somebody recommending you. I did a couple cold calls, but me contacting the firm directly was not the same as something coming from a recruiter.

If things didn't work out or if I didn't like where I was I would definitely reach out to you guys first. BCG Attorney Search

- Joanne Hodge
Georgetown University School of Law, Class Of 2004
Placed at Harris Beach PLLC

I think my favorite thing about BCG is that they identified openings with firms that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. Working with BCG made my job search easier because I was able to continue doing what I needed to do during the day. The first three words that come to mind when thinking of BCG are easy, fast and diligent.

I would tell others that they should definitely use BCG. You are very easy to use and very helpful. You make the whole process very easy. BCG Attorney Search

- John Clifford
George Washington University Law School, Class Of 2012
Placed at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, P.A.

Julie Lehrman in the Chicago office found me my job. She was very helpful, she was very responsive and she got results. I had a resume that was a little non-traditional since I had moved a few times. I don't know what she did, but she got results. She also set up interview coaching sessions with me.

Julie did a lot of the leg work. I never had to follow up with her to see the status or anything, as she kept me regularly up to date. It was about three weeks between the time I was working with her and the time I got a job. It wasn't a long drawn out process.

I found Julie to be very professional, effective, and legitimate. Maybe a better word is actually knowledgeable. Julie called me, she understood what she was selling, and she understood the process really well. I think she handled it like a pro.

I would rank BCG as the top recruiting company. I would recommend you guys wholeheartedly. BCG Attorney Search

- Brittany Barrient
Tulane University Law School, Class Of 2010
Placed at Ballard Spahr LLP

I liked Jennifer McNeil. She helped me get this job, and I didn't realize that this was a position that was available.

BCG was responsive, professional, and confident. I would say that you are the best recruiting firm. BCG was very helpful for me. BCG Attorney Search

- K.R.
University of Florida School of Law, Class Of 1987
Placed at The Kullman Firm

I worked with Claudia and I just really liked her. She actually still keeps in touch. It seems like it was really about finding the right fit, and even if she wasn't the right fit she would still be there for me, so I really like her.

Working with BCG made it so I didn't really have to do much in terms of following up. She gave me advice on that. She let me know what was out there, and then she handled a lot of the negotiation process. So I didn't have to deal with that directly, which is good when you are working from home.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are friendly, reliable, and helpful.

I have had a better experience with my recruiter than many other people that I know. I would definitely recommend Claudia. Honestly I would just say that she is fantastic to work with and a really great person. You really need to trust the person that you are working with, especially since they make commission off of placing you. So if you don't really like or trust the person, there isn't much of an incentive to believe they have your best interest at heart. That's probably why I chose Claudia. BCG Attorney Search

- Samantha Duplantis
Tulane Law, Class Of 2011
Placed at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C

Some of my favorite things about working with BCG are that it was successful and that they are easy to work with.

Working with BCG made me more aware of opportunities I didn't know about. It made the communication easier with the law firm that I eventually went to.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are professional, effective, and responsive. I would rank BCG at or near the top compared to other recruiting companies.

BCG is a very strong placement firm. I have a general impression that a lot of firms are just small shops that have a few connections but can't cast a wide net for you. BCG is the opposite. They are able to get in front of lots of potential opportunities, and [help you] put your best foot forward. BCG Attorney Search

- A. C.
Wisconsin Law School, Class Of 2005
Placed at Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.

I loved the recruiter I was working with, she was super knowledgeable. She understood the schedule that I was working under, you know big law. She was very accommodating to changing things around; she didn't put a whole lot of work on me. It was great.

Working with BCG was truly a partnership, where I provided her the information and then she took that information and was able to map that information into something that actually made sense to me. So it wasn't just random jobs, like you get with the blast emails.

The first three words that come to mind when I think about BCG are dedicated, thoughtful, and diligent.

How would I describe BCG? I would say you guys are excellent. I have worked with one off people before, and you guys are significantly better. You bring to bear an entire staff of recruiters that had connections across the United States and are constantly mining those connections, versus having one person in a very specific market. That also provides you the time to drill down on very specific skill sets. So I would very much recommend your firm, because of your ability to leverage those contacts and also focus on specific skill sets. BCG Attorney Search

- Robert Holland
University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Class Of 2012
Placed at Pepper Hamilton LLP

One of my favorite things about BCG was that they were more organized. Working with BCG made my job search easier because it took a lot of the administrative stuff away.

The first feeling I get when I think of BCG is a positive one. I get the BCG newsletters and I like what you guys say.

I would describe you positively to my peers. BCG Attorney Search

- C.L.
University of California Berkeley, Class Of 2010
Placed at Robins Kaplan LLP

I liked the frequency and competence of communication. Working with BCG made my job search easier because it made me aware of the opportunities available.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are promptness, respect, and efficiency.

I would rank BCG pretty highly compared to other recruiting companies I have worked with, and I would recommend you favorably to one of my peers. BCG Attorney Search

- David Shotlander
George Mason University School of Law, Class Of 2006
Placed at Frommer Lawrence & Haug L.L.P.

Katy was very friendly, engaged, informative, and hardworking. Working with BCG made my job search easier because I didn't have to do anything. I didn't have to do any searching on my own.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are professional, informative, and friendly. I would definitely recommend you guys to others. BCG Attorney Search

- Anonymous
University of Miami School of Law, Class Of 2013
Placed at K&L Gates LLP

One of my favorite things about working with BCG was how responsive they were. Working with BCG made my job search easier because it gave me a lot of time.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of BCG are helpful, connected, and experienced.

I would rank BCG at the top compared to other legal recruiting companies, and I would recommend you to a peer. BCG Attorney Search

- Isaac Swaiman
University of Minnesota Law School, Class Of 2013

Hi Margaret,

I got your gift in the mail. Thank you so much! That's very thoughtful of you.

Things at Vedder are great. I am learning a lot about patent prosecution practice, and the people are very supportive. I'm definitely happy with the decision.

I can't thank you enough for helping me through the whole process and for lending an ear when I needed someone to talk through it. I'm very grateful.

- Tinh Nguyen
Franklin Pierce Law Center, Class Of 2011
Placed at Vedder Price, P.C.
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