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[My favorite things about working with BCG and Sarah] was the weekly updates on how things were going. Sarah was also very responsive and very in touch over text. It was very useful to get updates over text because text worked better for me at times. She adapted to making text work since that is what worked well for me so I appreciated that as well. It made it easier to have the information easily and readily available and to have her available via text whenever she had a question or wanted to follow up on something. She was very easy to access.[Working with BCG made my job search] so much easier! Sarah was able to do the background work and talk to the firms hiring people to "make the sale" if you will. It took the pressure off of me of having to make a cover letter and having to do the searching around to find those positions - some positions may not even have been posted. I like the online portal and tracking system. She would send me a list of places she wanted to apply to and you just approve or not approve those applications. That was super helpful and the tracking capabilities were also super helpful. I had a very positive experience. I felt comfortable talking to Sarah. A couple times I would tell her "I don't know if I can do this today" and she would come through with a pep talk about this is why it is important to do this and giving me options. I cannot emphasize enough how much I liked the weekly updates and her accessibility via text.Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?A. BCG is more comprehensive. At the beginning, before I even started searching, Sarah and I had a good conversation about if I still wanted to practice anymore and what was I looking for and what was interesting to me. In my mind she searched around for things that would be suitable for me instead of saying "I have this" and trying to fit me into something that was already on her plate.In terms of the structure of things, as I mentioned, such as the tracking - not just of where things had been sent but the status of the application was super helpful and the weekly updates. BCG is the best of the ones that I have worked with or that I have heard about those friends have worked with.

Renee-Lauren Ellis

Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, Class Of 2010

Placed at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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Job searching is always stressful no matter what, and adding a global pandemic on top of that is extremely stressful. Having someone to guide and coach me through that process took a huge weight off my shoulders. Sarah was always available, extremely kind, and very personable and easy to talk to. I felt like she really cared about where I ended up and I always enjoyed my conversations with her. She was always very happy and excited, which made me feel happy and excited about the process rather than stressed out.
Rather than having to look up new job openings and reach out to firms myself, you all did the upfront hard work for me. That allowed me to focus on perfecting my resume, cover letter, and preparing for interviews.
I really enjoyed my experience working with Sarah, and I am very happy with the job I ended up at because of her. It turned out to be a perfect fit and was a very easy process.
Q. Where would we rank/compare to other recruiting companies you may have used?
A. I have not used any other companies before, but I would recommend BCG to anyone and I would be happy to work with Sarah again in the future if I ever decide to get a new job.

Rachel Smith

University of Arkansas School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Scharnhorst Ast Kennard Griffin, PC

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My favorite thing about working with BCG Attorney Search and Sarah was that she was always able to answer questions I had about each role and was a great negotiator on my behalf. She just continued to reach out and share listings with me that I thought would be appropriate, until I was hired. I haven't worked with a recruiter in the past, but this was a great experience.

Dara Smith

American University Washington College of Law, Class Of 2017

Placed at Harris Beach PLLC

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The outcome was incredible. I am exactly in the position that I always wanted to be in and dreamed of. This wouldn't have happened without [BCG] and Sarah taking a keen interest and doing an awesome job. She was really easy to talk to, really encouraging and helpful in getting me as prepared as I could be by giving me tips and advice going into interviews. She reached out to the right firms and contact and everything worked out perfectly.

It put me in contact with the right firm ultimately and it wasn't a firm that had anything posted. I ended up at Barnes Richardson and Colburn and they didn't have an open position but Sarah somehow knew that they had potentially expressed some kind of interest in finding somebody with my type of background. It made it easier because it opened up a door that I didn't know existed and ultimately it was the right door to go through.

I just can't say enough good things about her. Such a friendly and professional person who had a huge impact on my life and made my life totally different because she took the time to reach out to me and work with me and work on my behalf. I just want to express my appreciation, really.

Q. Where would we rank amongst other recruiting company's?

A. Definitely the best!

Michael Coopersmith

Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, Class Of 2016

Placed at Barnes, Richardson & Colburn, LLP

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The fact that my recruiter submitted my information to a lot more law firms than I ever would have found on my own was my favorite thing about working with BCG. This made my job search a lot easier because I didn't have to find and apply to places on my own.

Kristin Glover

UC Hastings College of the Law, Class Of 2020

Placed at LKGLOBAL

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Sarah handled everything and cared about and was interested in what we were interested in, and wanted to support us and guided us through the entire process. That is the reason I would come back to BCG and Sarah specifically to help me if I wanted to move again, because I believe that she genuinely cares about us and what we need and what we want. I am very grateful for all of her help.

She did everything! She contacted us at a time when we were batting around whether we were ready to get our feet wet again. I sent my resume and she did everything else. I just showed up for interviews. It made everything easier. Sarah is a genuinely fantastic person, and excellent to talk to; and I came to care about her, and I believe she came to care about us, too. It showed in her performance, and that is the reason I would be reaching out to Sarah if I ever needed assistance again. And I am looking forward to that.

Colby Davis

UCLA School of Law, Class Of 2015

Placed at RuyakCherian LLP

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I had worked with other recruiters, but I really felt like BCG took me on as more of a client and more serious in helping me find placement . I am relatively junior so I was concerned about getting a recruiter that couldn't handle it, but Sarah was very, very communicative throughout the whole process regarding what she was looking at, who she was speaking to, tactics for getting a job, so I felt that was really great. Not having to do the work and apply myself made it much easier and it was nice to have somebody identify concerns as well as positions that would be a good fit for me. You guys are certainly #1.

Scott Terrell

University of Virginia School of Law, Class Of 2013

Placed at Finkelstein, Blankinship, Frei-Pearson & Garber, LLP

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[My favorite thing about working with BCG]; it got me a job! Sarah took a lot of time to think about my situation and what kind of job would be good for me in this stage in my career. Having someone that was experienced and knew how to contact relevant firms and really advocate for me was good. Sarah really helped me strategize and update my resume even a little bit more than it had been and to go back and think about it. She was great!

Cyrus Kornfeld

New York University School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Klafter Olsen & Lesser LLP

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They found me a job right by my house, it was just perfect as far as location, and it was completely random because they didn't even know I had moved yet.
You found me exactly what I was looking for. I didn't have to do anything but submit some documents to you. I mean the employer found me.

I haven't worked with a lot of recruiting companies. I've only done indeed, LinkedIn, and zip Recruiter. I mean, they're all good, but I think BCG is more specified to me.

Anna Nika

Baylor University School of Law, Class Of 2004

Placed at Neal Ashmore Family Law Group

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I'd say right from the get-go you guys were very detail-oriented, really focused on my particular profile and helped me build my skills and draft my resume in a way that will be good for me. We started working just a year ago. Throughout the year, I was always contacted by the team that had placements to offer, and you kept on searching and a year after we started working together, it all panned out. It's been great.

I think it made it significantly easier in that instead of me having to look for the positions that would be a match for my profile, which is very time consuming, even though you may have LinkedIn or other services that help you, it's just time consuming and frustrating because you work on it so hard and then it's not always good news after you present your credentials. Having that done for me made the process significantly easier on my schedule and allowed me to focus on my current work and my academic activities instead of dedicating a couple hours every day or every week to do a job search.

I think, hands down, the best. Absolutely, the best. The first conversations that we've had, your team always read my curriculum before having the conversation with me. They did research on my profile, and what was I good at, and my publications. They knew all of that before talking to me, so they were able to keep the conversation very on point, very productive, because they already knew what my profile was. That's something that nobody else did for me. It's been great, really, absolutely great.

Alfonso Vilaboa

Georgetown University Law Center, Class Of 2018

Placed at Day & Associates, LLC

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