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My favorite things about BCG Attorney Search is that the staff were very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and generally just had a good demeanor. It made it easier to find a job because I had someone that knew the market and that could do the leg work for me. They would send me lists of everything that was coming up and what we were looking for. It made it incredibly easier than doing it on my own. BCG ranks number one when compared with other recruiters that I've worked with.

Jesse Mondry

University of Minnesota Law School, Class Of 2008

Placed at Harris Bricken

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I really liked the recruiter I worked with and her experience and I appreciated her ability to guide me through the process. I really helps to narrow your search down to jobs that are a fit for what you are looking for. BCG is the best recruiting firm I have ever worked with.

Jonathan Nye

Suffolk University Law School, Class Of 2008

Placed at Brown Rudnick LLP.

Boston, MA

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BCG was very responsive. The recruiter I worked with was candid, which was very helpful. BCG also helped me focus my search and also made me aware of opportunities I wouldn't have found otherwise. BCG is the best overall recruiting company I've interacted with. My recruiter was knowledgeable, and she seemed actually invested in furthering my career.

Daniel Zwick

University of Michigan Law School, Class Of 2014

Placed at Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP.

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I like the weekly reports and the connections with BCG. BCG is kind of just a set it and forget it kind of thing you know. It's just nice to have someone else doing the work. You guys are on top of the legal recruiting game!

Michael Wilde

University of Notre Dame Law School, Class Of 2012

Placed at Clyde & Co LLP

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So I worked with my legal placement professional, and she was great. I had a friend who was looking for a firm at the same time as me and I feel like his recruiter was a little pushy with him and we both had specific goals, and wanted to transition in to a field of law that we are not in right now. I feel like my legal placement professional really listened to me in that respect and didn't try to push me toward any firm regardless of whether or not they had an active practice in the area of law that I would like to start practicing in. While my colleague who was working with a different recruiting firm had a very different experience where he felt like he was being pushed toward every and any firm and his recruiter wasn't really listening to what he wanted. I spoke with My legal placement professional and told her what my goals were and provided her with my resume and transcripts, and she kind of just took it from there. She reached out to the all firms that I said okay to. It was very easy and I didn't really have to do anything. I have worked with one other recruiting company at first, and BCG was much better!

Jessica Jones

University of Pennsylvania Law School, Class Of 2015

Placed at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

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I thought that the regular updates really helped and I'd say that my legal placement professional was really consistent with her reaching out in terms of pushing things forward. I thought that helped made it more efficient and I thought it was a good way to keep things up to date and move things forward in terms of getting interviews and screeners and even updating my materials. I would say that BCG is at the top of my list for recruiters and certainly number one.

Drew Tate

University of Notre Dame Law School, Class Of 2016

Placed at Fisher & Phillips LLP

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I found my recruiter very personable and easy to talk to, and I thought she gave very good advice in terms of navigating the process. She was very communicative whether it was via telephone or text message. I am not easily reached by telephone so being able to text was really important to me. BCG made my job search easier because they were able to find my next job and get all of the behind the scenes stuff done so to speak, the introductions, I guess.

Russell Morse

Loyola University School of Law, Class Of 2007

Placed at Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson, PLC

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My legal placement professional was very attentive and very much aware of what I wanted, what I didn't want, she was casting a wide net, but she took into account what I was really looking for so I really appreciated that instead of doing the mass resume thing. I like that she was really responsive and one of the things I really appreciated about working with her is that she was very involved, I had issues like when should I send my notice and so on and she basically guided me through the whole thing and is still guiding me so I really appreciated that about working with her. First of all, BCG allowed me to know about opportunities that I wouldn't have known about otherwise, so that presented more opportunities than I would have found on my own. Second of all, my legal placement professional took care of everything in terms of the resume, cover letter and follow up that meant that I didn't have to do anything but approve or disapprove the jobs and that basically took care of the whole thing. BCG is definitely at the very top of my list of recruiters.

Farah Alkayed

Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Class Of 2016

Placed at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, P.A.

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I don't have experience working with any other search firms, but my legal placement professional was just really available to talk, she was helpful and it was a positive experience. I felt comfortable talking to her about any concerns I had and she was very responsive whenever I had questions. I basically didn't even have to do anything in my search.

Nicholas Contento

University of Notre Dame, Class Of 2017

Placed at Baker Botts L.L.P.

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This was my first time working with a recruiter and my legal placement professional was more than I could have hoped for. She was amazing. She took the time to get to know me and what my goals were and what me and my family wanted for my legal career and she tailored her search for firms to meet those needs and she was interested and engaging and responsive, very very very responsive to inquiries I had or emails I sent, really quick turnaround time throughout the interview process called and asked how the interviews went and took an interest in all of that, I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my legal placement professional BCG was awesome too. I really enjoyed the websites interface in particular how it identified the firms I had applied to and kept a status update as to if they were under consideration, pass or interview, so very positive experience all around. [Working with BCG] made it easier in every sense of the word. Number 1, BCG did all of the leg work really, they did the applications, my legal placement professional more or less prepared my cover letter. I wouldn't have had the time in my day to do this. We applied to 25 or 30 firms and that would have taken me alone, several days to do. My legal placement professional also helped me select my writing sample that I was going to use and reviewed my resume so all of that made my job search easier. I would recommend anybody that was looking for a job in the legal profession to use BCG based on my experience. I haven't used other recruiters but my experience was just so good that I would send anybody that cared to ask me, BCG's way.There was one other recruiter that I had reached out to prior to BCG but they actually had told me that they couldn't work with me because I hadn't received my Califormia bar results yet and to come back in 3 months. I was a bit dejected by that call and then my legal placement professional said let's get going and I ended up getting a job before bar results even came out. It was something the other recruiter dropped the ball on and BCG clearly didn't.

Jacob Speckhard

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Arizona State University, Class Of 2015

Placed at Perkins Coie LLP

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