Life at Covington & Burling: A Must-Read for Ambitious Law Professionals

1. What are the key practice areas at Covington & Burling?
Covington & Burling specializes in key practice areas such as Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Investigations, and Regulatory and Compliance.
2. What is the work environment like at Covington & Burling?
Covington & Burling offers a collaborative work environment that values diversity and inclusion. They prioritize work-life balance initiatives and provide competitive benefits to support their employees.
3. What professional development opportunities are available at Covington & Burling?
Covington & Burling offers various professional development programs, including mentoring and coaching initiatives. They also provide opportunities for continuing education and skill-building to enhance career growth.
4. How does Covington & Burling promote diversity and inclusion?
Covington & Burling is committed to diversity and inclusion. They have employee resource groups and affinity networks to support underrepresented groups. They create an inclusive environment and strive for equal opportunities.
5. What is Covington & Burling's pro bono work and community engagement approach?
Covington & Burling has a strong commitment to pro bono work and community engagement. They actively participate in pro bono initiatives and engage in various community service programs, making a positive impact beyond their legal services.