Summary: Here are 10 tips and talking points for attorneys being interviewed by the media. It should help you with a range of communication challenges.

A rising star in the litigation practice of a large law firm was heading out of his office when he answered his phone and found a reporter on the other end asking for a reaction to a high-profile case. "No problem," he told himself. "I know this issue cold."
10 Tips and Talking Points for Attorneys Being Interviewed by the Media (Everything Attorneys Need to Know About Being Interviewed By the Media)

But when he saw his quotes in print, he realized his brush with fame had singed his reputation. Why? His comments had repercussions - for himself, his firm, and his clients. He had broken the cardinal rule of successful communication: Be prepared.

When I was a first year associate at a Los Angeles law firm, I saw a first year associate lose his job for talking to a reporter about one of the firm's largest clients.

Even if you don't often meet the media, you are constantly called on to communicate, whether it's pitching to a client, reporting to a corporate counsel or company executive, or updating a senior partner. Although you may be smart and savvy, here's a news flash: TV has set the new standard for presentations, and here is where the "trickle-down theory" comes into play. If you can communicate like a pro for the media, those verbal and nonverbal skills will help you in any other communication venue.