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Taking Time Off from Practicing Law: How Will It Impact Your Future Marketability?

Practicing law is hard work. The hours are unpredictable, the clients can be demanding, and the push to partnership can ....

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Taking Time Off? Consider What Firms Will Ask When You Seek a Return

Life presents many surprises and the unexpected can change everything overnight. An attorney's spouse can lose his job a....

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Why Pro Bono?-What You Need To Know

Try to list professions that inherently expect their members to give portions of their time to the underprivileged for f....

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Maximizing Your Employability Through Involvement in the Legal Community

In today's competitive legal job market, attorneys must actively cultivate their professional networks and stay involve....

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The Class They Didn't Teach in Law School: Junior Associate 101

So you've taken CivPro, CrimPro, ConLaw, and Corps. You know your way in and around the codes, cases, and statutes (you ....

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Why Your Reasons for Wanting to Move Law Firms Are Likely the Wrong Reasons: The Number One Reason Attorneys Should Switch Law Firms

In order to experience any form of meaningful success inside of a law firm, you need to protect your brand and be define....

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How Important is it to Know Your "Self" Before the Job Market Knows You?

It is not a mistake—quoting the word ''self'' in the title of this article. I put such word in quotes for a reason. ....

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